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Luxembourg Art Week

For all art lovers in Luxembourg and all around. The first and only contemporary art fair in Luxembourg! This is a must-attend event! We will show you a selection of our artists.


9 Nov - 11 Nov

Jörg Döring

Jörg Döring is back in town!!! The artist is coming back this autumn to present us his new works and ideas...

20 Oct - 30 Nov

Destocking Action

We are moving from Esch-sur-Alzette! Take the opportunity and get 20, 30, 40% off!

1 Jan - 29 Dec

Go Jeunejean

Go Jeunejean creates his "Space Invaders" sculptures from old objects ravaged by time. He gives a second life to obsolete objects. An amazing and exciting reincarnation.

19 Oct - 30 Nov


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