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Carolin Wehrmann

Carolin Wehrmann

For Carolin Wehrmann, the sea is an expression of her own quest for an ideal world and, transcendentally, of her longing to depict pristine, unspoiled nature. In her water pictures she expresses the primeval desire to represent clarity and purity.

16 Sep - 12 Oct

Ellen Van Der Woude

Ellen van der Woude is a Dutch artist working and living in Luxembourg. Inspired by nature, somewhere between vegetal and mineral, her work approaches the shapes and textures of nature, its rhythm and composition: an endless source of inspiration.

16 Sep - 12 Oct

Joerg Doering

Jörg Döring, freelance artist, born in the mid 60s in the Ruhr region/ Germany. First paintings originate from early youth, motivated by an encouraged interest in art. Aesthetic spheres of which Döring was constantly surrounded by have then been used by the artist as raw material to design own stories on canvas, to act foiling and time-formative. This approach is still the core of Jörg Döring’s daily work.

14 Oct - 16 Nov


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