Upcoming exhibitions

Gérard Cambon

Gérard Cambon was born in 1960 in Toulouse. His strange and humoristic "locomobiles", "bas-reliefs", roundabouts and people are made of old wood, leather, iron and screenings.

18 Nov - 14 Dec

Luxembourg Art Week

We will be at the Internation Art Fair from 3rd to 5th  November. Visit us at following address:
Hall Victor Hugo
60 av. Victor Hugo
L-1750 Luxembourg

3 Nov - 5 Nov

Mirna Sisul

Mirna combines colors depending on her emotions, and Color is seen as a physical, optic, psychological and pictorial phenomenon. Mirna's paintings are like the spring in this cold winter...

13 Jan - 8 Feb

Jörg Döring

Jörg Döring is a German mixed-media contemporary artist born in 1965, one of the leading Neo-Pop artists in Germany. Using screenprint, serigraphs, photo-collage, acrylic, spray, and oil on canvas, Döring depicts various Comic and Pop Icons.

14 Oct - 16 Nov


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24, rue Beaumont
L-1219 Luxembourg


108, rue de l'Alzette
L-4010 Esch sur Alzette
B.P. 367 L-4004

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