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Laura Bofill

Laura Bofill

Laura Bofill mobilizes an arsenal of textures which offers a research on loneliness. This sentiment is seen as a prism revealing facets that are the dream, melancholy, desire.

22 Jun - 12 Jul

Monaco GP 911

Gilbert Retsin

Inspired by classic cartoons, films and film stars from the 40s, 50s and 60s, Belgian pop-artist, Gilbert Retsin, conveys classical themes of American pop-art and plays with various materials and form languages.

1 May - 31 May

Lidia Markiewicz

Lidia Markiewicz

Une fois l’intimité avec le spectateur scellée, Lidia Markiewicz dévoile la séduction évidente de sa peinture, son côté narratif reposant sur l’écriture récurrente, sur cet alphabet mystérieux qui est le sien et dont elle seule détient le code.

24 May - 17 Jun

Carolin Wehrmann

Carolin Wehrmann

For Carolin Wehrmann, the sea is an expression of her own quest for an ideal world and, transcendentally, of her longing to depict pristine, unspoiled nature. In her water pictures she expresses the primeval desire to represent clarity and purity.

16 Sep - 7 Oct


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