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Jean Moiras

From this grid, spring abstract ‘shadows’ of color and forescapes – with more representational subject matter emerging from the painting’s horizon lines.

19 May - 13 Jun

Esti Levy

The artist reinvents and reconstructs the world through a very rhythmic game of syncopated forms, furrows, breaks, traces, lines according to her intuition and her gesture.

16 Jun - 14 Jul

Destocking Action

We are moving from Esch-sur-Alzette! Take the opportunity and get 20, 30, 40% off!

1 Dec - 18 Mar


German artist, author at the same time and a passionate sailor. This artist seeks, combines and creates from pigments mixed with all kinds of binders such as casein, or waxes, oils, resins, gums and other glues. In these paintings, you will be surprised by movement, conviviality and a little maritime air ...

22 Sep - 18 Oct


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24 December 2017

Next private view: 13.01.2018 at 3 p.m.

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