Upcoming exhibitions

Jörg Döring

Jörg Döring is back with his brand new creations. Visit us and appreciate the "Sugar & Spice" exhibition...

16 Nov - 18 Dec

Fabio Calvetti

Among the main themes in Fabio Calvetti’s work we list: absence, waiting, the deep silence of souls, empty spaces brimming with questions. In a timeless, almost theatrical context, untouched by natural lighting, lonely women seem to be listening to themselves, as if waiting for something to happen, for an answer to magically appear.

19 Oct - 13 Nov

Luxembourg Art Week

The Luxembourg Art Week is a "must-attend event". Visit us at boot no D03...

8 Nov - 10 Nov

Marie-Pierre Trauden-Thill

"Vom Schein zum Sein" - this is the theme of the exhibition presented by the luxembourgish artist Marie-Pierre Trauden-Thill

21 Sep - 15 Oct



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