Marina Sailer

The exhibition "In-between" shows contrasting works by painter Marina Sailer (*born in 1970 in Wizebsk) and sculptures by artist Jörg W. Schirmer (“born in 1965 in Frankfurt-am-Main), both master graduates of “Kunstakademie Düsseldorf”. Their art complements each other in their highly imaginative presentation. In her paintings, Marina Sailer manages to create an original assemblage of various beings and objects in a natural scene with 19th-century interior elements. The master-gradutate of A.R. Penck, uses the effects of light to create a mysterious atmosphere.  Repeatedly sculptor Jörg W. Schirmer experiments with hewed, grained, polished surfaces and combines them into his bronzes. Schirmer, who is a master-graduate of Prof. Markus Lüpertz, one of the most renowned sculptors of the contemporary art world, creates an impressive interaction between the venerable ancient bronze and his modern avant-garde characterized art. 

2 Mar - 13 Apr


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1 Jan - 31 Dec

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