Wolfgang Blanke

'Human interaction'

Wolfgang Blanke’s main artistic focus lies on ‘human interaction’. His paintings often show people in nature, at beaches, as well as people coming together in social places such as cafés and bars. These scenes evoke a sense of lightness and relaxation, which is achieved through both, the thematic choice as well as his painting technique, which features an impressionistic quality. His works are characterised by a light, airy atmosphere which invites the viewers to immerse themselves in the peaceful moments that he captures on the canvas. 

20 Jun - 20 Jul


Galerie Schortgen and Valentiny Foundation are collaborating during this summer to host an exhibition featuring a selection of artists represented by Galerie Schortgen. This exhibition will take place at both places, in the heart of Luxembourg City and the wine-growing village of Remerschen. More information

26 Jul - 17 Sep


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1 Jan - 31 Dec

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