Laura Bofill was born in Barcelona in 1983. She followed her studies in many international universities such as Barcelona, New York, London and Dublin.
After having explored disciplines such as film directing, graphics, photography, textile design, ceramics and painting, Laura has learned a synthesis through the addition of a new material in the family workshop; resin.

Her work has been proudly represented at the famous well-known art shows at Stockholm, Manchester, Amsterdam and Madrid.
Her technique is characterized by eclecticism, as much the medium as the materials and a careful attention as to the expressive possibilities of their association.
The gloss and the transparency of resin underlines the contrast and the depth of the photographic images while the painting enhances the subtle relief’s textures.
Laura Bofill mobilizes an arsenal of textures which offers a research on loneliness. This sentiment is seen as a prism revealing facets that are the dream, melancholy, desire.
These mental states which arise when man is faced with himself, are questioned through modernity, they are gradually removed, piece by piece from the individual by representing solitude.