Ellen van der Woude is a Dutch artist working and living in Luxembourg. After having been a lawyer she started her artistic work ten years ago.

Her creations are unique pieces, all hand made by modelling clay and porcelain. Inspired by nature, somewhere between vegetal and mineral, her work approaches the shapes and textures of nature, its rhythm and composition: an endless source of inspiration. Her most recent work is based on maritime and botanical themes.

The creation is a process of natural growth. It starts with a vague idea, developing itself over time, mostly unconsciously, inspired by visual impressions of nature, travels, and different materials. Each object has its own texture and is decorated with small elements, all made by hand, one by one. Changing the size and direction of those elements makes the work look organic and natural.

Never perfect, because even in nature not all is perfect. The objects are decorated with engobes, slip and oxides giving them an organic and natural feel. Glazes are rarely used as they kind of lock in thematerial.