Upcoming exhibitions

Wolfgang Blanke

German artist, author at the same time and a passionate sailor. This artist seeks, combines and creates from pigments mixed with all kinds of binders such as casein, or waxes, oils, resins, gums and other glues. In these paintings, you will be surprised by movement, conviviality and a little maritime air ...

22 Sep - 18 Oct

Jörg Döring

Jörg Döring is back in town!!! The artist is coming back this autumn to present us his new works and ideas...

20 Oct - 30 Nov

Luxembourg Art Week 2018

For all art lovers in Luxembourg and all around. The first and only contemporary art fair in Luxembourg! This is a must-attend event! We will show you a selection of our artists.

9 Nov - 11 Nov

Go Jeunejean

Go Jeunejean creates his "Space Invaders" sculptures from old objects ravaged by time. He gives a second life to obsolete objects. An amazing and exciting reincarnation.

19 Oct - 30 Nov

  • Robbert Fortgens

    10 Jan - 6 Feb

  • Charles Fazzino

    7 Feb - 6 Mar