Matthias Verginer is a sculptor of Italian origin. Born in 1982 in Bressanone (Alto Adige), Verginer developed his talent as a sculptor at the Art School in Selva Gardena (I).

His speciality? Wood! His works are characterised by their originality and humour. The artist presents women from a different angle than the one we are confronted with daily in the media and social networks. Verginer's women are beautiful, curvy and aesthetically pleasing. Matthias Verginer portrays them in everyday situations, as well as in unusual poses combined with charming animals. His curvy women dream of flying like superheroes and make the viewer wonder about the message behind these characters. Our identity should not be defined by an imposed image often based on fashion, status and power. Discover for yourself these fresh and authentic creations.

Since 2022, Verginer presents  his new works, that comprise realistic sculptures which are build up of wooden layers with fabric in between. This is how he reveals to the public the inner character and nature of people.